In addition to public and private presentations of the OVERBOARDSM Show, the following services are in development by Uncharted Waters, LLC:

Ship Shape Corporate Team Building Workshop

:: Ship ShapeSM — Corporate Team Building Workshop

Is your company’s ship collecting barnacles and in need of a tugboat? Let the OVERBOARD Crew help you streamline your work and navigate the choppy waters of tough times. The techniques and exercises used in improvisational comedy are based on the tenets of trusting others, accepting offers, and building on those topics to create something brand new. Participants learn to collaborate effectively, develop productive interactions, and ultimately build better teams all while laughing and having fun.

First Mate Dating Event for Singles

:: First MateSM — Dating Event for Singles

This singles cruise is a better ice-breaker than the Titanic. Interactive games and activities will have you matched up with other singles, getting to know them, and having fun from start to finish. Show off one of your most attractive qualities — your sense of humor.

Laugh of the Party - Comedy Activities for Private Parties

:: Laugh of the PartySM — Comedy Activities for Private Parties

You’ve seen it before ... there’s that one guy or gal that is the life of the party and keeps the party-goers laughing so hard they have tears of joy running down their face. Now you can count on our professional comedians and entertainers to make your party one to remember without being offensive.